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High-Profile Cases?
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The most important factor in choosing a federal criminal defense lawyer.
Do you want a lawyer who will rush to plead you out, or one who will fight for you?
Do you want a lawyer who claims to specialize in high-profile cases?
Do you want your business lawyer to represent you in federal criminal court?
Can any criminal lawyer defend you in federal criminal court?

Let me begin by saying that I hope I'm the right guy to help you in federal criminal court. I recognize that I am not the right lawyer for everybody. I encourage you to keep looking until you are sure that you've found the right person to entrust with your freedom.

I also hope that your case is one that I am interested in taking. I take fewer than half the cases that are presented to me. This permits me to keep my practice small and only represent the people whose stories I feel compelled to tell.

I would rather not be hired at all than be hired by someone for whom I am the wrong lawyer or someone who is the wrong client for me. If I sense that there is something that might get in the way of the client-lawyer relationship, I don't hesitate to recommend some other well-qualified lawyers who might be able to help better than me.

My best client is a well-informed one. I am sure that you recognize that all lawyers' web pages -- mine included -- are advertisements, and that the contents should be taken with a grain of salt. To help us both make sure that there is a fit between us, I've done my best to tell the truth about what you can expect from federal criminal court and from me. I believe you'll find that you can take the information here with a smaller grain of salt than the information you'll find elsewhere.

If you have a question, comment, or quibble about anything I say here, please don't hesitate to contact me. If I have said something the least bit misleading or inaccurate, I will rush to fix it and you will have my gratitude. If I had to be anything less than honest to get hired, I wouldn't want the job.